• No dedicated hardware/software necessary
  • No SDK installation hell
  • Access control in the store
  • Updates, also enforced
  • Cross-platform provision of apps through company-owned app store
  • Comfortable, secure and central provision of Industrial Apps to employees and customers


With the App Cloud you get started with Industrial Apps immediately.

The service builds all your requested apps out of one Workbench project and frees you from soft- and hardware prerequisites. Thus you can spare the provision and maintenance of an own build infrastructure and use Industrial Apps instantly.

Provision and distribution of apps is performed through the integrated Industrial App Store, a company-owned app store, or through the known public app stores as well as through many further distribution methods of Industrial Apps.

The Industrial App Store is independent from the Google Play Store and the App Store by Apple. Its users can comfortably receive updates and new apps on their smartphone and tablet - whether for iOS or Android. Here you can decide who gets access to which apps and at which time updates have to be performed.

With the company-owned app store we offer you the option to provide your Industrial Apps comfortably for customers and employees.

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