• Universal inputs for digital and analog signals
  • mA and relay outputs
  • Integrated rechargeable buffer battery to issue a message in the event of a power supply failure
  • Programmable for calculation and control tasks
  • Adjustable measuring and transmission cycle
  • Device authentication per Kryptochip auf Anfrage
  • Port extension available (myDatalogMUCe)
  • Alarm and trigger functions
  • Measured value storage on the device
  • Data transmission to the web server via GSM or LAN


The myDatalogMUC unit is the ideal multi-function tool for measuring and controlling tasks. The universal inputs collect data from sensors and signal generators. The RS232 and RS485 interfaces enable communication with adjacent machines or control units. mA and relay outputs are available for the control of actuators. In addition the device can be programmed with a local program routine for complex calculation and controlling tasks.

An additional backup connection enables the secure execution of crucial control tasks. If the preferred connection (LAN or GSM) breaks down, the second connection is activated automatically. This ensures that the functionality of your application remains unaffected.

With the extension module myDatalogMUCe the universal inputs of the myDatalogMUC can be multiplied easily and at economically low costs. Up to three extension modules can be connected to a myDatalogMUC master. The maximum system configuration (1x myDatalogMUC and 3x myDatalogMUCe) provides the following interfaces: 32x universal inputs, 24x relay outputs (8 groups), 8x mA outputs, 4x PT100/1000, 1x RS232, 1x RS485.

The display extension is an intelligent graphic display that can directly be connected to the myDatalogMUC via the RS232 interface.



8 x analog or digital
1 x ext. temperature sensor (PT100/1000)


6 x relays (2 groups)
2 x analog output (not galvanically isolated)

Protection class:


Power supply:

12...30VDC (+/-10%)

Data transmission:

via RS485 to myDatalogMUC


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