• With a simple modular system you can create perfectly fitting applications
  • Many additional modules like alarm management and historical data available
  • Alarm management with push notifications
  • Plugin system and scripting for even more flexibility and expandability
  • Optimized and secure data connections for your Industrial Apps
  • Access control and encryption as obligatory feature
  • Scalability (from installation on an industrial PC to a cloud application)


The ProcessHub supports you in implementing complex requirements. As server component it ensures the monitoring of relevant data 24/7 as basis for alarm management and for recording historical data.

With the ProcessHub you enjoy various benefits of push notifications in case of machine breakdowns. Thus you are always safe, that your alarms reach the correct person. Use Industrial Apps to display and manage alarms of the ProcessHubs in form of alarm lists.

The ProcessHub enables you to record and evaluate historical data. Use your Industrial Apps for your individual trends.

With role-based authorizations you always have full control about who gets access to your data. Thus you can retain control over your data if you want to.

The ProcessHub encrypt the connections to your controls and offers increased protection for your data.

The ProcessHub is based on a flexible modular system. Among other things the basic module contains PLC drivers (S7, ModbusTCP, OPC UA, OPC DA) and a user management. With optional add-on modules like WebVisu, Alarming, Historical Data and many more in the planning stage we create your tailor-made applications. Use also ready-made hardware sets to get started immediately.

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