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The IoT Workshop

The IoT Workshop is divided into five phases of implentation, which you go through in succession. In this way, we develop together a solution suitable for your plant or application. Please find below the details of each phase.

An additional way to run the workshop is the sprint. We carry out the entire workshop compactly in one week, so that you can prove the feasibility and added value of your solution after just one week.

Goals of the IoT Workshop

  • In a compact IoT workshop, we discuss your problems intensively with you and design possible solutions. In case of evaluation we use a prototype.
  • We realize and test the feasibility and added value of an individual IoT solution for you in a simple and fast way.
  • With the help of our extensive hardware and software know-how, we work with you to create the basis for your finished solution. 

Goals of the Sprint

  • Quick and cost-effective evaluation of the feasibility of your desired IoT solution based on the design, implementation and analysis of a prototype.
  • Demonstration of the added value and possible solutions of your IoT solution

Steps of the IoT Workshop

IoT Kick-Off

You will receive a demonstration of a relevant use case for your IoT solution or Industrial App. We discuss your requirements, ideas and problems with you and establish the basis for further steps of the IoT Workshop.

- Joint discussion of your requirements and problems
- Showing the opportunities and possibilities of a suitable IoT solution
- Discussing the goals, possible solutions and the current status of your IoT project

Duration 2-3 hours

Demand Analysis

Well prepared, we carry out an on-site inspection at your company or with the users. We talk intensively with the users about their processes and together we work out the potentials for optimization.

- The on-site inspection examines the existing processes
- Intensive exchange of technical details and solution requirements
- Development and analysis of a customized solution

Duration: 1 day


The results of the demand analysis are processed by us and recorded in a concept for your IoT solution. Together with you we then adapt the concept for the creation of an individual proof of concept.

- Development of a concept suitable for your application
- Demonstrating the approach with the corresponding products and services

Duration: 1 1/2 days

Proof of Concept

A proof of concept will be implemented that demonstrates the feasibility of the concept and shows the added value of your IoT solution. The proof of concept is your first working solution that you can test and present.

- Implementation of your proof of concept with hardware or software based on the created concept
- Realization of selected functionalities in the proof of concept for quick and easy commissioning of your first application
- Fast and cost-effective evaluation of the feasibility of the solution and identifying potential problems
- Building a foundation for implementing the final IoT solution

Duration: min. 2 days


After you have tested the prototype, we will jointly evaluation the results of the test and discuss the next steps towards your final solution.

- Analysis of the proof of concept regarding profitability and function
- Discussion of the next steps toward the implementation of the final application

Duration: 1/2 day

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