Internet of Things


Our Business Unit Internet of Things is divided into two areas.

With our powerful IoT hardware, we offer our customers a stable solution for data collection and transmission. We rely on different technologies to be able to react flexibly to the respective conditions. We can implement anything from local use in your own company network via LTE connections to remote locations, up to a worldwide VPN network.

The visualisation and processing of data are carried out with the help of our IoT software in the form of industrial apps and adaptable IoT platform. From seamless integration into existing IT systems over remote maintenance of individual machines and up to the complete monitoring of entire production lines, everything is possible.

Our products are perfectly coordinated, but still, guarantee maximum compatibility with third-party suppliers. Our goal is the uncompromising digitalisation through optimal conditions for the Industrial Internet of Things.


IoT platform

With our open IoT platform, the IoTHub, we digitalise and network your production without unnecessary dependencies or isolated solutions.
We communicate with all common devices, machines and sensors, process data sensibly and integrate them into existing software as well as into individual industrial apps.

The IoTHub is divided into 3 levels, which are connected with open interfaces. This enables better integration into existing IT structures and maximum flexibility when connecting devices or machines.

The agents (interfaces to the Edge Layer) can be exchanged as required, functions of the platform can be extended via the integrated editor and existing systems can be connected.

Industrial Apps

In combination with our IoTHub, we can conjure up the right industry app for your application on the smartphone. With our App-Designer, you can create a mobile interface in your plant.

Here, too, our goal is to achieve end-to-end digitalisation - from the sensor to the cloud, to human beings and back again.
You have also the possibility to develop the app in cooperation with us. So you can concentrate on your main business and we create the app perfectly tailored to your needs with our tools.

Wireless Communication

In the field of wireless data transmission, we offer you radio modules and transmission lines for local use in machines and plants. The focus is on our solutions for collecting and transmitting data on-site.

Our products are mostly used where classic solutions would be too uneconomical due to a lack of infrastructure or a retrofit. The rationalisation of the machines is the main focus for us.

Edge Devices & VPN

Our Edge Devices and VPN solutions include network solutions and industrial PCs in combination with our IoT software. This portfolio allows you to transfer data securely and to access them securely from anywhere in the world.
We offer you routers with and without direct VPN software, network participants and industrial PCs with pre-installed software agents.
The routers can, for example, be installed in the machine for remote maintenance and, with our solutions, receive secure access for remote maintenance or software updates.
In addition, we offer you Linux PCs with software agents, which always speak exactly the language of your machine or bus system. So you can process the data flexibly and securely.
In all cases, however, only you will have control of the data!

ELCO 360°

Our all-round service for you!

We offer you a complete product portfolio — from data collection with our Automation products (sensors, encoders, connectors, I/O systems) via data connection with IoT hardware to data collection in our IoTHub and data visualization in the form of Industrial Apps — from our Business Unit Internet of Things. At Elco you get everything from one source!

We supplement our product portfolio with holistic services for you. We accompany and support your projects from start to finish — that's ELCO 360°.


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