What is an Edge Controller?

The ELCO Edge Controller is a small industrial PC designed for data collection and processing. It acts as a network component or as an access point to the network. This can be an internal company network (intranet) or the Internet. The Edge Controller collects the data from your machines on a local level and pre-processes them if necessary. Then the industrial PC sends your data to a cloud or server. There you can use them for IIoT services and services.

What does ELCO’s Edge Computer do better than other industrial PC systems?

The ELCO Edge Computer makes machine data readable for you and your personnel. The data is read out according to the highest security standards. In addition to standard VPN applications, our Edge Computers are also suitable for special solutions, such as TOSIBOX®. This allows you to access other remote maintenance services at your convenience.

What happens to the machine data that ELCO’s industrial PC collects for me?

Your data can be processed and visualized directly in the device using our IoT platform, the IoTHub. Alternatively, they can also be sent to a cloud using a software agent. Here, the ELCO Edge Controllers are perfectly aligned with the rest of our IoT components and services. Together with our hardware and software, they result in a holistic digitization concept. However, our industrial PC is also suitable for a wide range of independent applications

Edge Computer by ELCO: These are your advantages

Our edge controllers complete the digitalization of your production. They collect your machine data in real time and read them out on site. The software you need for this, is already pre-installed and included in the price. The visualization is then done, for example, by means of an industrial app that you can design for yourself as you wish – quickly, easily and without programming knowledge with the ELCO AppDesigner.

How do I access my machine data with an IoT gateway/edge computer?

The data collected by the industrial PC is evaluated and processed directly. You can display this, for example, via your own industrial app. Sharing your data via cloud solution is also possible – so you can have multiple sites communicate with each other. With an industrial PC from ELCO, you benefit from:

  • Space-saving installation
  • High computing power
  • Low-maintenance operation
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Use of standard software possible.
Designed for industrial use

Designed for industrial use

Thanks to the robust and space-saving housing, your ELCO industrial PC can be installed in almost any control cabinet.

Complete IoT from one central provider

Complete IoT from one central provider

We are happy to take over the planning and implementation of your IoT solution. The focus is not on our products, but solely on your wishes.

Fanless housing for long-term operation

Fanless housing for long-term operation

Our industrial computers are fanless. This ensures a long-lasting use in dusty industrial environments.

WiFi, Mobile communications, Bluetooth, GNSS & LAN

WiFi, Mobile communications, Bluetooth, GNSS & LAN

Your requirement, our solution: We offer you the right interface for communication with our industrial PCs for almost any application.

Undemanding Plug & Play-technology

Undemanding Plug & Play-technology

With factory pre-installed software, your Edge Controller is ready to go right out of the box. Just plug it in and you're ready to go.

-40 °C to +80 °C technically possible

-40 °C to +80 °C technically possible

Extreme conditions? No problem. Our industrial computers can handle (almost) anything - from freezing cold to hot deserts.

Frequently asked questions

Edge Computers are always used when comprehensive data collection and condition monitoring of your machines and plants is required. The Edge Computer not only collects and evaluates live data, but also detects anomalies at an early stage. In such a case, the pre-installed software issues messages to the maintenance personnel; ideally, it is possible to react before the equipment breaks down. In addition, the ELCO Edge Computer allows you to control your machines via app.

Edge computers and IoT gateways are often used in harsh industrial environments. This poses special challenges for the industrial PC. ELCO offers you devices with high protection against moisture exposure; special filters and seals effectively prevent dust and liquids from getting inside the system.

Dust is deadly for any computer system. That's why all of our industrial computers are fanless and do not require additional cooling. This ensures high longevity even in environments with high dust levels.

Temperature tolerance
In addition to its resistance to dust and humidity, an industrial computer must sometimes be able to withstand high temperature fluctuations. The temperature tolerance of our Edge computers from -40 °C to +80 °C allows them to be used in extreme conditions - whether arctic winter or desert climate.

Vibration protection
If the industrial PC is exposed to vibrations or shocks at its place of use, it must necessarily be equipped with SSDs. We only have edge computers with SSD in our product range - either as flash or SSD soldered on or installed via slot.

An edge controller or an IoT gateway must have small dimensions. Only in this way can the industrial PC fit into almost any control cabinet. For this reason, edge computers are also often called industrial mini PCs. Most edge computers from ELCO have DIN rail equipment and can be mounted directly in the control cabinet on a DIN rail. For smaller models, this equipment must be ordered separately.

Energy efficiency
Industrial computers must be energy efficient. That is why our edge controllers run with power-saving processor units. The maintenance of our Edge Computers is also much less complicated than with conventional devices.

Intelligent business requires more and more computing power. For this purpose we offer the suitable industrial PC systems. The edge computer or IoT gateway takes care of data acquisition in real time and performs seamless condition monitoring of machinery and equipment. With its high performance and robustness, the ELCO Edge Controller easily bowls other industrial computers of its weight class out of the track.

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