Smart Maintenance

02.May.2018 Smart Maintenance

Due to long distances and complex information flows service and maintenance processes in factories and plants are often very time consuming.
The different data which is needed for the maintenance processes is spread over different isolated systems: parts lists in the SAP system, live data in the PLCs and historical data in the MES system.

In order to optimize the maintenance process the goal is to integrate or merge the relevant data from the various systems in a user-oriented manner. This should be achieved by using checklists in the Industrial Apps. All important information and instructions are available in these checklists. The maintenance technician can work through the list and a protocol, which documents and records all steps with a time stamp and optional comments, will be generated automatically as PDF format.

Thanks to merging the different data there will be shorter downtimes, shorter paths through the productions and a more effective use of maintenance staff. Another added value is the improvement of data quality and the reduced error rate.

In his article Stefan Hennig explains more details about the implementation of the solution and more features and benefits that result from it.

You can find the article on pages 27-29 in the current issue 4/2018 of the ETZ.

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