Alarm reliably. React quickly.

07.Jun.2018 Alarm reliably. React quickly.

Use Case Alarming

For installing and commissioning a mobile alarming solution at a chemical-technical plant, special requirements must be met. Maintenance technicians need to have access to alarm notifications even during on-call service to eliminate malfunctions quickly. However, regulations regarding data and process security prohibit external access to services within the company network. Access through VPN is not accessible for every technician and in case they do have VPN access, the connection establishment is very complicated and not intuitive on the smartphone.

That is why maintenance technicians are currently trying to receive necessary information for decision making by phone after they have received an alarm via text message. Is that Industry 4.0? Is that digital?

AlarmHub - the flexible alarming solution based on the IoT

A modern and secure solution for this problem is offered the AlarmHub by ELCO. This flexible automation solution combines concepts of the Internet of Things with the familiar process monitoring and control. A so-called edge controller, here in the form of a local server at the customer’s production on site, performs the process monitoring and generates an alarm in case of a malfunction or threshold exceedance/threshold undercut. By a push notification all responsible employees are notified immediately on their smartphone. The employees within the production network can now extract further information and all the important details regarding the malfunction through Wi-Fi from the edge controller. Only in this controller the data is fully stored.

For the employees outside the production network a cloud access point is created. This enables the access to significant information that was rated beforehand as necessary but not critical. The edge controller supplies the cloud access point with relevant data.

Thanks to the multilevel structure with edge controller and cloud access point an innovative alarming application is implemented that supplies all employees regardless of their location with important information for a quick error elimination.

Due to the possibility of scaling the AlarmHub from the edge to the cloud one can control exactly what data is processed, storaged and accessible on which node. Only by such a flexible architecture the complete product AlarmHub can adapt to the customer’s given conditions. The other way round must not be allowed.

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