Simple and secure remote maintenance solution?

28.Mar.2019 Simple and secure remote maintenance solution? How it works you will learn with us!

In June you can expect one exciting and interactive IoT event to join in! Attend our TOSIBOX® Workshop on June 25, 2019 in Dresden and get to know the VPN remote maintenance solution from Tosibox in detail.

What is TOSIBOX®?

Tosibox Oy develops and produces the VPN remote maintenance technology of the same name, which enables you to establish a secure and flexible connection to your devices and systems within 5 minutes. The key pillars of the technology can be summarized in 5 points:

  1. Simple: The VPN remote maintenance technology is designed so that you do not need any special IT knowledge for installation and operation.
  2. Flexible: The technology is upwards and downwards compatible with existing as well as future systems and standards.
  3. Secure: The most important pillar of a VPN tunnel is security. With two-factor authentication, the highest firewall standards, and automatic security updates, your infrastructure remains secure, yet remotely accessible at any time! This means you can access your machine whenever you need it without having to have a technician on site.
  4. Scalable: The system grows with you and not vice versa! At any time, you can adapt the architecture to current needs, introduce another layer of administration, or revoke privileges. And all with a mouse click.
  5. Unique: The VPN solution from Tosibox is unique in its kind worldwide! The technology is patented and offers a direct peer-to-peer connection, all without a cloud or secondary system. Your data stays with you!

The workshop contains a balanced mix of theory and practice. It is aimed at automation companies and other engineers who want to establish a secure connection to their systems without jeopardizing the security of customer data.

The workshop is structured in three parts, where you learn everything about VPN access with the TOSIBOX®, what you need:

In the first part we deal with remote maintenance in general and how it simplifies everyday life.

In the second part we become practical! Together with you, we put the TOSIBOX® into operation and get to know it in detail.

In the third part of the workshop we will deal with the question of how large structures and the distribution of your machines worldwide can be sensibly and easily maintained with the TOSIBOX®.

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