ELCO wins Chinese awards as IoT platform supplier

20.Apr.2021 ELCO wins Chinese awards as IoT platform supplier

"Standing still today means being two steps behind your competitors by tomorrow." – Under this motto, we consider it our motivation and our duty to constantly improve the development of our IoT platforms. And we gladly recognise that for our Chinese customers and clients, our commitment has already paid off.

The cloud solution developed by ELCO is highly appreciated on the Chinese market. It sets new standards considering the unlimited communication between IT and OT. On the "Made in China Digital Service Summit 2021 CAIMRS and Annual Selection Ceremony", that also took place this year, the results of the 19th annual Automation and Digitization Selection had been published. On this occasion, ELCO was granted the "Industrial Interconnection Innovation Award" as an IoT platform supplier.

Equally successful, we got awarded on the 10th "Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum" and the 18th "China Intelligent Manufacturing Year-End Inventory Award Ceremony" by eworks on march 26th in 2021. As an IoT platform supplier, ELCO was honoured as "Outstanding Supplier of China Industrial Internet Platform in 2020".

IoT supplier ELCO gets Innovation Award for intelligent manufacturing

As an IoT supplier, we offer companies a platform that accelerates their digital transformation. We also assist conservative manufacturing companies in taking their first steps towards Industry 4.0. That dedication and our technical solutions got acknowledged with the IIANEWS Innovation Award.

Another appreciation, we got as an IoT platform supplier for the automotive industry. In 2020, our IoT platform got awarded by People's Republic of China as demonstration line for manufacturing, development and Internet integration.

With this positive feedback we continue to work as an IoT platform supplier. Our aim is to support our customers and clients in managing their machines and production facilities – not only in China but all of Europe. By closing communication gaps and the establishment of a consistent system language the first huge step is already done: the step to increase the economic efficiency of the production industry in a significant way. 

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