OG18 Series


  • Housing M18 plastic PC + ABS with quick lock
  • Red or infrared light
  • Sensing distance through-beam sensor < 30 m
  • Sensing distance retro-reflective sensor < 4 m
  • Sensing distance diffuse reflective sensor < 200 mm - 600 mm
  • Sensing distance adjustable via potentiomenter
  • Output type NPN or PNP
  • Output function NO + NC
  • Supply voltage 10 ... 30 VDC
  • LED indicator
  • Protection class IP67
  • Connection M12 connector or 2 m cable


Optical sensors from Elco convince with their compact design, high protection class and modern, industrial look.
Different and long scan lengths as well as the digital or analog output, background suppression, ambient light immunity are just some of the features that make these products unique.
Elco optical sensors - when good products get even better!

Item numbers: OG18-S6, OG18-ECP6, OG18-ECN6, OG18-S6Q, OG18-ECP6Q, OG18-ECN6Q, OG18-RCP6, OG18-RCN6, OG18-RCP6Q, OG18-RCN6Q, OG18-RPCP6, OG18-RPCN6, OG18-RPCP6Q, OG18-RPCN6Q, OG18-K200CP6, OG18-K200CN6, OG18-K200CP6Q, OG18-K200CN6Q, OG18-K400CP6, OG18-K400CN6, OG18-K400CP6Q, OG18-K400CN6Q, OG18-K600CP6, OG18-K600CN6, OG18-K600CP6Q, OG18-K600CN6Q

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