Equipment Availability

Equipment AvailabilityTransparent and in real time

Equipment availability is one of the most important key figures when it comes to production planning. Capacities, delivery dates and expected breakdowns can be derived from it.
Important data, which should also be as accurate as possible for product costing or investment planning.
We will show you that the necessary data collection can be child's play and that accurate real-time data certainly offers further potential for optimization.

Order Tracking

Order TrackingLive status tracking

The production orders in a continuous flow production are often controlled by MES systems. Although the orders are triggered by the system, they often cannot be tracked live. The system usually only receives a confirmation when the product has reached a defined status or is finished.
We will show you how to enrich your MES system with data using simple IoT solutions and how to implement exact live tracking of your orders.

Retrofitting of existing systems

Retrofitting of existing systemsSpider67 Mobile

The operation of large plants is often associated with contractual penalties or liability should disruptions and delays occur in the operational process. Warranties from a service level are often a big issue. By consistently digitizing and modernizing the systems, downtimes can be significantly minimized. But what to do if there are many existing systems and it would not be worthwhile to replace them?

Alarming and Messages

Alarming and MessagesCommunicate faster and more efficiently

Digitization has greatly simplified communication with mobile devices and the Internet. Questions can be answered quickly and information can be distributed in a targeted manner.
Access to computers or mobile devices is limited at workstations in production. And time is often hard cash here. 
In situations where employees or machines need support, it takes a few minutes until the responsible persons are informed and can act.
We show you how automatic alarms and manual messages support your employees and...


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