Digitization has greatly simplified communication with mobile devices and the Internet. Questions can be answered quickly and information can be distributed in a targeted manner.

Access to computers or mobile devices is limited at workstations in production. And time is often hard cash here. 

In situations where employees or machines need support, it takes a few minutes until the responsible persons are informed and can act.

We show you how automatic alarms and manual messages support your employees and reduce downtimes. 

Target Groups

  • Production management

  • Production control

  • Work preparation

  • Maintenance staff


Material feed

Material feed

Downtimes due to missing material can be prevented by an automated message from the machine to the logistics department. If the material stock on the machine is running low, it can be reordered directly. Connected to an MES system, the machine could also order the appropriate quantity for the current order or the material for the next order.

Tool change

Tool change

A forgotten tool change quickly leads to a higher reject rate or even a standstill due to tool breakage or a machine crash.

Information from digital tool change plans and the number of machine cycles can be used for timely notification of pending tool changes. If the tool stocks are also known, information about a bottleneck can be provided in good time.

Order status

Order status

The employee or the machine could mark production orders as completed and thus report the data directly to the MES system.

Multiple machine operation

Multiple machine operation

Employees who operate several machines simultaneously often do not have large time slots to report problems or request support. If they leave the workplace, several machines will stand still.

A manual report by clicking on a Smartphone or Smartwatch can inform supervisors, maintenance or set-up personnel without bringing the other machines to a downtime.

Maintenance and impending defects

Maintenance and impending defects

A targeted monitoring of wear parts by sensors can inform maintenance staff at an early stage about failures. This preventive maintenance can reduce unplanned downtimes. Automated fault messages shorten reaction times in case of spontaneous failures.

Needed Products


  • IoTHub Professional
  • Industrial app for mobile devices or wearables


  • Edge controller for reading and forwarding data
  • Smartphones, tablets or wearables
  • Possible additional sensors 


  • Automated alarms

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Shorter reaction times

  • Connection to other systems

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