In order to minimize downtimes malfunction reports are sent as push notifications to the Industrial App. When opening the Industrial App all relevant information for dealing with the malfunction is already available.


  • Push notifications make malfunction reports instantly available on mobile devices
  • Ability to competently decide on a course of action immediately
  • Reduction of downtimes and optimal preparation of service assignments thanks to information from third party systems
  • No changes to the existing network is necessary, high security standard can be maintained
  • Confidentiality is preserved thanks to the exchange of error codes instead of error messages
  • Solution proposals and problem details available anywhere, even without access to the company network

Initial situation

Strict security guidelines prohibit the public access of company networks. Service technicians only receive malfunction reports when they are near a company network access point. This may lead to a loss of valuable time which can be very costly in case of a standstill.

Inside a Large Plant

Inside a Large PlantService team out in the field

In the field the service team often has mobile data connectivity but no access to the company network. However, malfunction reports still reach the right service technicians, no matter where they are - push notifications for the win.

Push Notifications on the Smart Watch

Push Notifications on the Smart WatchNever miss a malfunction again

Malfunction reports are also available on the smart watch. Vibrations and beeps ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. First information can be read immediately and important decisions can be made while the smart phone is still fast asleep.

En-Route to the Site

En-Route to the SiteOptimally prepared for efficient malfunction treatment

The Industrial App leads the service technician to the location of the malfunction. Meanwhile the service assignment has been created in the SAP system providing the service technician with tools, spare parts and information.

Malfunction Treatment

Malfunction TreatmentLive data where it's needed

Thanks to the Industrial App the service technician has access to all the live data he needs to deal with the malfunction. Equipped with the right tools, fitting spare parts, and latest information the malfunction is fixed without delay.


  • Service technicians are only granted access to current process and production data when they are connected to the company network on-site
  • Service technicians should still receive malfunction reports immediately, even when they are not inside the company's premises.
  • Relevant information for choosing a course of action should be delivered immediately and location-independent
  • Full access to all relevant data is possible when on-site to ensure a timely rectification of the malfunction

Technical solution

The IoTHub was installed in a demilitarised zone of the plant network and connected to the alarming system via OPC UA. In case of a malfunction report the IoTHub forwards it to the registered Industrial App as a push notification given the defined access rights.

Since delivery is achieved via Apple (iOS) or Google (Android) the notification only contains error codes. These are resolved inside the Industrial App using a data base which translates the error code and offers solution strategies. This is achieved by the Industrial App without access to the company network. Live data for diagnosis can be retrieved when on-site or via VPN.

It is noteworthy that the push notifications can also be read on the smart watch of the service technician.

You want to learn more about the possibilities and benefits of alarming solutions with Industrial Apps and push notifications? Then have a look into our recorded webinar.

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