Equipment availability is one of the most important key figures when it comes to production planning. Capacities, delivery dates and expected breakdowns can be derived from it.

Important data, which should also be as accurate as possible for product costing or investment planning.

We will show you that the necessary data collection can be child's play and that accurate real-time data certainly offers further potential for optimization.

Target Groups

  • Production Managers

  • Maintenance Staff

  • Planning Engineers


Overall Equipment Efficiency "OEE"

Overall Equipment Efficiency "OEE"Track time categories and evaluate lost time

The equipment availability can be determined and evaluated by means of the key figure "OEE". The "Overall Equipment Effectiveness" is intended to provide starting points for optimising equipment utilisation by means of categorised loss times.

We give you the opportunity to create your own loss time categories and to evaluate process times individually.

Automated data acquisition

Automated data acquisitionRecord times directly where they occur

Process times can, for example, be read directly from the machine data and, if necessary, supplemented by specific queries from employees.

Example: Downtime from 10:13 to 10:21

Selection of reason for shutdown: tool change; malfunction; setup

One click and the times are correctly assigned.

Machine status in real time

Machine status in real timeThe machine park always in view

Live monitoring of the machine park for team leader, production managers and maintenance staff.

Are all machines running at the moment or are there longer breakdowns?

Analyse downtimes

Analyse downtimesReduce downtime thanks to real data

Breakdown of downtimes such as tool change times, loading times or waiting times for material, for the analysis of process disturbances and optimization potentials

Real database

Real databaseFinding optimization potentials

Permanent collection of real data as a basis for realistic planning and calculations.

  • Does the system still provide the necessary availability?
  • Can a periphery efectively send the secondary displays?

Needed Products


  • IoTHub Professional
  • Industrial app for mobile devices or wearables


  • Edge controller for reading and forwarding of machine data
  • Smartphones, tablets or wearables
  • additional sensors for older machines if necessary


  • Live monitoring of the machinery

  • Real data on machine availability

  • Exact breakdown of downtimes

  • Automated data collection

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