The production orders in a continuous flow production are often controlled by MES systems. Although the orders are triggered by the system, they often cannot be tracked live. The system usually only receives a confirmation when the product has reached a defined status or is finished.

We will show you how to enrich your MES system with data using simple IoT solutions and how to implement exact live tracking of your orders.

Target Groups

  • Production Managers

  • Production Planer

  • Planning Engineers

  • Logistic staff


Notification of orders

Notification of ordersFast and direct

By using a smartphone, tablet or wearable, information about orders can be sent directly to the person in charge. New orders, changes or prioritisations can be transmitted directly and without delay by push message.

Material tracking in real time

Material tracking in real time

With the help of RFID technology, goods carriers or materials can be tracked throughout the company. If the product with an RFID label passes an RFID reader, this is displayed in the system in real time.

The RFID reader can be a workstation, storage location or an entire hall.

Status of individual workstations

Status of individual workstations

In addition to the material, tracking the processing at the individual stations is also useful.

For example, employees can confirm the start of an order via Smartwatches, or a tablet assigned to the station.

The information gained can provide information about the feasibility of the work steps or time delays.

Identify delays at an early stage

Identify delays at an early stage

Live monitoring of material and order processing allows process disturbances to be detected early on and logistics processes to be planned precisely.

The data can be displayed via individual user interfaces or transferred to existing programs.

Direct messages in the event of faults and quality defects

Direct messages in the event of faults and quality defects

With the help of a Smartwatch, employees can also quickly report process malfunctions or qualitative defects in the product.

The information can be immediately transmitted to a responsible employee by push message. In addition to a faster response time, this information can also be fed directly to the MES in order to adapt subsequent processes.

Analysis and optimization

Analysis and optimization

The collected data can also be used sustainably for process optimization. Regular malfunctions at certain workstations or a high notification rate of quality defects provides starting points for troubleshooting or process optimization.

Needed Products


  • IoTHub Professional
  • Industrial app for mobile devices or wearables


  • RFID Reader
  • RFID labels
  • Edge controller for reading and forwarding data
  • Smartphones, tablets or wearables


  • Live monitoring of production orders

  • Real material flow data

  • Information without time delay via direct messages

  • Automated data collection

  • Connection to MES or other systems

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