Line Visualization

IoT solutions Industrial Apps help to reduce distances in large, complex production processes enabling faster reaction times. Industrial Apps offer tailor-made views of the entire process in order to support individual work steps or to keep track of the general process state.


  • Faster rectification of errors and minimized downtimes thanks to access to relevant information
  • Knowledge transfer via modern communication devices and digital media
  • Simplification of chains of responsibility by enabling machine operators to make decisions on their own based on check lists

Initial situation

The data from the machines comprising an assembly line are collected in a central control room. Each machine also has a stationary terminal which only allows access to its data alone. If there is an error the control room always has to be contacted due to the heterogenity of the machines. Getting an overview of the  overall situation and retrieving knowledge about the process as a whole is only possible there.

Currently, coordination with the control room incurs a high time cost. Often an error in machine A is caused by an error in machine B. This leads to complex and sometimes non-transparent decision-making chains.

The Control Room

The Control RoomFrom knowledge monopoly to knowledge distributor

The control room is the central hub for all data from the assembly line. From here, the whole production is steered and maintenance assignments are planned and executed. If there is an error the control room will be alarmed.

In general faults are remedied autonomously where they occur. The necessary knowledge is provided as needed.

Support on Demand

Support on DemandThe Industrial App as a source of information

If support during a difficult or unknown error case is requested the Industrial App provides all relevant data regarding the fault - from a general overview to all the relevant details

Joint Diagnosis

Joint DiagnosisThe tablet as a digital tool

The Industrial App is the basis for efficient error rectification on-site. The error case is discussed using the tablet and additional data from adjacent machines is read-out as needed. Possible measures are jointly devised and executed.


EnablingKnowledge and experience transfer

The Industrial App provides live data as well as historical data which can be used to identify anomalies. This historical data is provided via trends and charts. Optimal knowledge transfer is achieved while jointly devising a solution strategy. All employees are enabled to make decisions independently and competently with the goal of removing the error as quickly as possible.


  • Machine operators and service technicians should always have sufficient information to correct errors quickly on their own
  • The knowledge and experience transfer between control room and the machine operator should be fostered to deal with recurring situations more efficiently
  • Error removal times should be reduced
  • Complex decision-making chains are to be dissolved and made more transparent

Technical solution

An Industrial App for iPhone and iPad was realized to make error removal in an assembly line of a packaging facility as fast as possible. For this the data from the different individual machines are collected in the IoTHub, which ensures a 24/7 monitoring and sends alarms to the iOS devices if thresholds are violated. The IoTHub is connected to the alarm system of the assembly line providing a sensible addition to the existing facilities.

When an error occurs it is immediately visible in the control room as well as the iOS devices. It doesn't matter whether the Industrial App is currently active or not, in most cases the device in the machine operator's pocket will vibrate and demand his attention.

To deal with faults additional information from adjacent machines is often helpful. If needed this detail information can be accessed directly. Maintenance check lists may help to identify errors and work efficiently towards a solution. If support from the control room is necessary the Industrial App provides an ideal basis for discussion, e.g. by providing trends for individual process variables. Thus a knowledge transfer is established leading to faster rectification of recurring errors.

The Industrial App was designed to support every single aspect of the production process. All relevant data and states of the assembly line are available at a glance in an general view. Details down to the variables of a single PLC can be accessed by zooming in.

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