The operation of large plants is often associated with contractual penalties or liability should disruptions and delays occur in the operational process. Warranties from a service level are often a big issue. By consistently digitizing and modernizing the systems, downtimes can be significantly minimized.
But what to do if there are many existing systems and it would not be worthwhile to replace them?

Target group

  • Plant operator
  • Maintenance staff

Initial situation

Existing systems such as those used in water management, for example, require the use of innovative technologies in order to meet legal requirements on the one hand and to minimize downtime costs on the other. The retrofit is particularly complex for older systems without modern control.
In this application, a clarifier is specifically checked for the function of the pumps, motors and level.




The monitoring of remote areas or large distances, as it can often be found on factory premises, poses special challenges for every plant operator in order to collect the necessary data. For example, it is very time-consuming to monitor clarifiers, silos, external storage facilities or factory storage facilities without using old dedicated lines or expensive bus solutions. Most of these systems are only equipped with a contactor or small controller, which makes data collection very expensive. Retrofitting sensors and actuators, as well as fieldbus systems and cables is usually difficult in existing systems, especially since the machine is being structurally modified.

Use of radio-based retrofit solutions

Use of radio-based retrofit solutions

The use of wireless systems makes installation in large systems considerably easier, operation costs are reduced, maintenance is simplified and changes or adjustments can be implemented much more quickly. Since our systems also work autonomously, this means no intervention in the system.

Practical example

Practical exampleReading out and providing data

In a wastewater treatment plant, additional data for disaster protection as well as alarms in the event of errors should be installed on every clarifier and on all control cabinets in the plant. Due to internal data protection guidelines and the requirement not to technically change the machines, many IoT solutions cannot be used productively. This would give full access to local data, which most municipalities in water management categorically rule out. With our Spider67 Mobile system, digital and analog I/O data can be recorded and processed directly on site. The data can then be sent by radio to a server system that is locally in the operator's hand, without the data leaving the factory premises.

To the device

To the deviceSpider67 Mobile

The Spider67 Mobile is a classic IP67 distributor as it is used in an industrial environment, but instead of using a field bus or cable, it transmits the data by radio. This enables integration into existing systems without direct intervention in their processes. The Spider67 Mobile has WLAN and mobile radio and transmits the data via MQTT or Modbus-TCP. On-site parameterization is quite easy and mobile with a smartphone app.

Required products


  • IoTHub Professional or Device Cloud
  • Industrie App for mobile devices


  • Spider67 Mobile
  • E/A-Gateways
  • Smartphone
  • Server/Cloud, depending on the application

Added values/Functions

  • Live Monitoring of the facilities
  • Data available anywhere
  • Automated data collection
  • Data can only be processed locally
  • Increased data security via Spider67 Mobile and I/O gateways

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